Stahl, Yeske, and THE Admiral

I guess this needs to be told.
I reported aboard Sea Poacher January 1961. My first duty from Captain Stahl
was to place a retirement ad in the Key West Citizen
newspaper of a CPO who had just retired from SS406.
Okay, I just now checked the list of chiefs on board
in 1960 versus those still on board in 1961, and while
I am not sure of eight possibilities, it had to be
either William Goold or William Graef. To be honest
it could also have been either Blankenhagen, Dechard,
Favors, Jonas, McCorkle, or Taylor. In any case, the
story is the same.

Captain Stahl told me this was a very important event
and said to get it published with a photo in the Key
West paper. Aye aye sir. I went to their office and
spoke with the Editor who said no problem; the Navy is
very important to us. I provided her with the article
and photo and she said it would run in the next Sunday

Come Monday, I had not seen it in the paper but during
lunch in the Wardroom, Captain Stahl asked me about
it. Seems like he had not seen it either and what was
the problem. I didn't know, but knew I had better
find out.

I bicycled over to the Newspaper office and confronted
the Editor. She was more than hostile. She said we
have a large Navy community here and we don't have the
room or the time to do this for everyone. She said
she trashed the article and the photo. I guess I
became a bit more indignent than I should have, and in
more words than this told her that she had renigned on
her promise and THAT IT WAS A HELL OF A WAY TO RUN A
NEWSPAPER. She turned white as I slammed the door to
her office.

It was maybe only a hour or so later when we were
seated in the Wardroom ready for lunch, when the
topside watch called down over the IMC now WILL THE
QUARTERS ON THE DOUBLE. We were out of there at the
speed of light. The Captain said to me, what the hell
is this? I said I had no idea. We made the two block
trip as a 440 olympian. The Secretary stopped us, but
told us to go in. Captain Stahl told me to wait and
went in by himself. I envisioned death in the waiting
area. It was five minutes later when the Captain
emerged. He said lets go. I asked if I needed to talk
to the Admiral. He said NO.

We were driven to the pier in the Admirals car and
then walked to our boat. But we didn't stop. He took
me all the way to the end of the pier. There was no
one within even shouting distance. He just looked at
me. I feared the worst. My first job as an Ensign and
I had really screwed it up.
Captain Stahl looked at me, with sort of a wry twisted
smile, and said: "The Admiral admires your enthusiam,
but you tact is not worth a damn."

That was it and not another word was ever said.